What makes cider cocktails special ?

Cider cocktails are becoming increasingly popular and are very popular with cocktail lovers. The special feature of these cocktails is the sweet cider, a fermented drink made from apples, giving them a unique and refreshing flavour. Cider cocktails are made in Normandy with natural and local ingredients to create exceptional cocktails. What makes cider cocktails so popular? The rest of this article tells you what makes cider cocktails exceptional.

Natural ingredients

Cider cocktails are distinguished by the use of high-quality natural ingredients. The fruit used for the production of ciders, especially for sweet cider from Maison Sassy, is locally grown and hand-picked, thus guaranteeing optimal quality. In addition, the ingredients used to create their cocktails are carefully selected for their quality and freshness. The combination of these natural ingredients creates delicious and healthy cocktails that offer a unique and enjoyable taste experience. Cocktail lovers particularly appreciate this attention to ingredients and product quality.

Artisanal production process

The cider cocktails are created with an artisanal production process, which makes them unique and authentic. Each cocktail is prepared by hand with special attention to detail and quality of ingredients. Sassy's own cider is used as the base for most cocktails. In addition, fresh and natural ingredients are added to create unique and balanced flavours. The experienced cider cocktail bartenders take pride in their artisanal production process. Cocktails are more than just a mix of drinks. They are the result of an exciting and meticulous process that guarantees an unforgettable taste experience.

A wide range of cocktails

The particularity of cider cocktails also lies in their varied range. From classic cocktails to original creations, Sassy and other producers offer a wide selection of drinks to suit all tastes. The natural ingredients used in the production of the ciders are also the basis of the cocktails, offering authentic and refreshing flavours. Cider cocktails are an invitation to discover new flavours, surprising combinations and to experiment with bold tastes. Lovers of refreshing beverages will find their happiness in this varied range of cocktails.

Constant innovation

Sassy cocktails stand out for their constant innovation. The brand does not hesitate to explore new taste horizons and integrate unexpected ingredients to create unique flavours. For example, their signature cocktail, the Sassy Cider, is made from a special, secret blend. It combines sweet cider from their own production, combined with vodka and fresh lemon juice. Other creations in the range include ingredients such as spiced rum, manuka honey and others. Sassy cocktails are an example of how innovation can be used to push boundaries and offer unique taste experiences.

Cocktails for all occasions

What makes Sassy cocktails special is their ability to adapt to any occasion. Whether you are looking for a cocktail for a wedding, a party or any other event, Sassy has the perfect drink for you. Their innovative and varied cocktails offer a unique drinking experience for every occasion. What's more, their flavours are both refined and elegantly presented. Sassy cocktails are designed to impress and delight your guests, whatever the occasion.