What do I need to know about second-hand sales?

Selling second hand is a solution found to extend the life of an appliance or to offer it a second life. However, you should not jump headlong into buying or selling a second-hand product. Here are a few things you should know.

Intact quality

Generally, we tend to believe that second hand products are necessarily worn and have functional deficiencies. This is often due to the heavy use and carelessness of the sellers. However, many used items work very well and are almost intact. For more info, go here https://www.erowz.no. Some users anticipate selling their materials and take very good care of them. Some items are also sold when they have not been used at all, and some may be sold still with their packaging. Indeed, some people may have duplicate gadgets because several people have given them as gifts or otherwise. These are more expensive because they are new, however they will be cheaper than the new gadgets sold in stores.


Even with the second hand products in the trade, there are counterfeits that are available. Mixed with genuine products, it is difficult to differentiate them. You should therefore ask for a real description of the product and study it carefully. You need to have the exact and most precise characteristics of the item you are buying. Also ask for a picture.

Dedicated websites

In the digital age, everything is done online because it is much easier. In order to find many buyers, and this, as simply as possible, sellers present their items on classic e-commerce sites. You can sell or buy your items on sites like eBay or Amazon. However, there are sites especially dedicated to the sale of second-hand gadgets. In France, for example, you can go to Fnac which is specialized in this field. The specialized sites are much more transparent and detailed. Second hand sales are more reliable.