The factors that most influence Chinese cosmetics buyers

In China, rising per capita incomes have allowed consumers to have greater purchasing power. Men are also more and more open to the use of cosmetic products, and are often encouraged to do so by the woman who shares their life. This is why China is now the third largest cosmetics market in the world with 26 billion dollars per year. Then discover here all the factors that affect the success of cosmetic products in China.


It is important for domestic and foreign cosmetics manufacturers to build a good brand image and gain the trust of Chinese cosmetics consumers. This article source tells you everything. A brand awareness campaign will build a good brand image. By using blogging platforms such as Sina Weibo and using these to post multimedia content like images and videos. In 2014 the number of Internet users reached 618 million and out of those 90% had an account on at least 1 social network. 

These platforms provide an inexhaustible source for cosmetic consumers. They like to read customer reviews or product tests made by bloggers. Presence and interaction on Chinese social media platforms is key to generating conversation and gaining the trust of Chinese consumers. Another popular technique is to deal with influential artists or opinion leaders to recommend products on their Weibo or WeChat accounts.

Market overview

Domestic manufacturers represent less than 20% of the Chinese market. They leave the remaining 80% of the market to foreign-funded companies and joint ventures. Chinese consumers particularly like brands of French and American origin such as L'Oréal, Olay, Procter & Gamble. The French company L'Oréal, for example, has an 11% share of the Chinese market. 

Skin care products are the most dynamic segment of the Chinese cosmetics market. We are seeing many changes in consumer behavior in this market. They judge the products that best meet their needs based on different factors instead of simply being influenced by advertising or promotional campaigns.