Learn everything about the hang drum

The hang drum is a very rare musical instrument. It is inspired by Caribbean music played with recycled oil drums. Over time, this instrument has proven to be very beneficial for relaxation, meditation and calming the heart. So it is remodeled to look attractive. It therefore produces exceptional sounds that release positive energies.

What are the characteristics of the hang drum?

The hang is unquestionably an intuitive instrument. You can easily recognize it by its peculiarities. The hang drum is characterized by a musical instrument in the shape of two discs which deformed into two washers. The hang drum has in the center and on its specifications hollows which produce the musical notes. These notes are 9, 10, 13 or 17 in number. It should be noted that each note corresponds to a given level. The 9 and 10 note hang drums are excellent for the beginning learner. The hang drum 13 is perfect for intermediate level players. Hang drum 17 or any is awarded for the hang music expert. The music of the instrument is also applied to two frequencies including 432 and 440 Hz. The hang drum is played by hand or with drumsticks specially designed for the tool. It is usually made of nitrided steel, titanium steel or stainless steel.

How to learn to play hang drum?

The hang drum is not at all difficult to use. This is what makes it unique. The beginner player can get by with a hang drum of his level. All he has to do is improvise and he ends up adapting to the rhythm on his own. To play the hang drum, you must first place it comfortably on your knees. Then try gently tapping the instrument with the mallets. But it is also played with the fingers. The percussion instrument can also entertain with movements of one or both hands. It all depends on the music the user wants to produce. But with both hands, the player is sure to access several notes at once. Which can only increase the vibrations of the music tool and bring its healing and wellness benefits to the audience.