How to pay for the tourist Visitax ?

It is a passion to take advantage of one's vacation time or time off to travel and discover the world. But it is very important for every tourist to make the necessary arrangements at the various destinations. Find out in this article what Visitax is and how to pay for it.

What is Visitax ?

One of the passions of many people is to discover the corners of the world. For this purpose, tourist trips are usually the only way to spend time discovering the reality on the other side of the world. One of the steps that all tourists take is to find out about the different requirements of the host city or country. This allows you to make the necessary arrangements to avoid breaking the law and also to budget accordingly. The Visitax is a new tax for Quintana Roo travellers. Quintana Roo is a state in Mexico. Last April, this state decided to introduce a new tax for all travellers who are at least 4 years old. This tax is compulsory and must be paid before travelling to the state. As a result, a document proving payment of the Visitax is presented at the airport before being allowed to enter Quintana Roo. It is important to know the payment process.

How to pay the Visitax ?

The State of Quintana Roo has made arrangements for the payment of this tax to everyone without great difficulty. It is done online and justified by a paper that will be attached to the passport before starting your trip. Remember that this tax is only for those who want to enter this very attractive state. The payment method takes only 5 minutes. All you need is a valid passport, a credit card for payment or a Paypal account and finally an e-mail address. Once on the payment site, you will have to fill in an online form. The second step is to use the secure page to pay and finally receive a unique QR code one hour after the transaction. This confirmation is necessarily presented before you enter the country.