How can you tell the difference between a viper and a snake?

There are a variety of snakes in the world, some of which are venomous and extremely dangerous while others are harmless. In the category of venomous snakes, we distinguish between the snake and the viper, which are two reptiles that tend to look alike. But there is a difference between the two. So to recognise these two reptiles, continue with this article.

The viper and the snake: the difference of the tail

You can tell a viper from a snake by the shape of its tail. The snake is longer than the viper. On average, the snake has a length of up to two metres compared to the viper's average length of 80 cm. However, the length of a snake is not the only way to tell whether it is an adder or a snake. It may well be another type of snake with a length of two metres or more that can be mistaken for a snake. However, the shape of the tail is relevant. A snake's tail is much longer and thinner, whereas an adder's is much shorter and stockier. This difference is very important, because you can tell at a glance whether it is a snake or an adder.

Snake and Viper: the difference in eyes

One of the most distinctive features of a reptile is whether it is a viper or a snake. In the viper, the pupils are vertically slit. Its eyes resemble those of a cat in full light. In the snake, on the other hand, the pupils are clearly round. Of course, in order to distinguish the vertical pupil from the round pupil, you have to be very close to the reptile. This is not appreciated by everyone, as they are venomous reptiles. Fortunately, there are now other very effective ways for reptile specialists to recognise the viper from the snake by its eyes.