E-reader or book: which one to choose?

Reading is one of the common skills that all languages share. If some people are really fond of it, others find it a little tough. However, the means that are used to read play a role into whether a reader shall enjoy the activity or not. There are basically two means that can help you read a book: an e-reader and a physical book. In order to find which one between those two you should choose for your reading time, it is important to get to know more about their benefits and disadvantages. Let's see this together!

Advantages and disadvantages of an e-reader

E-readers are electronic devices that are used to read e-books, articles or any other digital materials. While some people think that reading with an e-reader is not worth it compared to a book, there are indeed some advantages about using the best e-reader for your reading time. Let's get started with the benefits of e-readers! 
The very first advantage about e-readers is that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to possess them, as they are cheaper than paper books. The other thing is that you can carry lots of books in a single device. You can also access some books for free while using an e-reader. The other significant reason about choosing e-readers is that it is suitable for dyslexic people because it helps them read easily. 
However, if you have eye issues or if you are allergic to screen light, using an e-reader may not be suitable for you. Thus, you do not have to read exclusively on an e-reader and there is another alternative if you like reading.

Benefits and disadvantages of paper books

Books are common to every culture. They are the very first means people used long time ago to deliver a message. People are even still using it nowadays, and this ultimately means that paper books are still to date. Though they are no longer trendy, they still have some advantages.  
Having a paper book is proof that you value the work of the writer. It also depicts that you respect the authenticity and the originality of the material. The other reason why a physical book is beneficial is that you will have no harm while reading (unless there is no light). There is a hitch, though. 
Buying a paper book can cost you an arm and a leg. Contrary to e-readers, paper books are not easy to carry; you can definitely not go everywhere you want with all the books that you possess! Plus, paper books can become heavy and require more space to be transported.

E-reader and paper book: final verdict

There is no doubt that both e-readers and paper books have their benefits and disadvantages. On one hand, while e-readers are thin, light and cheaper, paper books are not that easy to carry and more expensive. On the other hand, paper books are valuable and can help you out if you do not bear screen light. 
However, you do not have to read exclusively on e-reader or physical books. E-readers cannot replace paper books and vice versa. But, you have to see it as both are complementary. If you read a lot and would like to have your own library at home, you can go for paper books. Then, you can search for the electronic version of these books on your e-reader!