Budget for installing a residential pool: depending on the type of construction

As you know, there are times in the summer when the heat is at its peak. This makes some days unpleasant. So, to remedy this, you need to install a swimming pool at home. However, to install a swimming pool at home, you need capital. There are several types of swimming pools on the market and the budget varies according to the type of pool.

Budget for a one-piece concrete pool

Swimming pools are an additional resources to ensure comfort and well-being in a house. There are several types of swimming pools, among which we distinguish the monoblock concrete pool. This type of pool guarantees a majestic pool moment with incredible comfort. Its installation requires the skill of a professional. Before the concrete is poured, everything must be planned and put in place. So with a budget of 24 000€, you can opt for a monobloc concrete pool. However, you can negotiate for a possible reduction in the price.

Budget for a semi-inground wooden pool

This is a type of pool that gives you a natural environment with impeccable ease. The pool is placed on a concrete floor and is slightly hidden by a deck. The visible wooden part harmonizes easily with a garden. This type of pool requires more accessories than the one-piece concrete pool. Therefore, it is a pool that requires a substantial budget. However, you can find companies that can install this pool with a budget of 35000€. 

Budget for an above ground pool

For the installation of this type of pool, it is recommended to have a stable and flat area. Its construction with rigid paroirs allows it to withstand the bad season. In order to afford this pool, it is recommended to plan a budget of 4 000€. So, opt for the construction of a residential pool of good quality and incredible resistance.

Budget for a shell pool

For this type of pool, the size can make your budget jump. This means that the bigger the size, the bigger the budget. The budget for a beautiful, ready-to-dive pool is €20,000, but the choice of size can increase the budget considerably. So install a pool of your choice in your home, taking into account your financial capacity, because there is no point in breaking the bank to have a high-end pool.