AMLF 2014

Concept Note

In a year marking two momentous events – 20 years since the end of apartheid in South Africa and 20 years since the Rwandan Genocide – African media leaders and owners will gather in Johannesburg in November to hold frank discussions on how to uphold high ethical standards in the tricky world of politics and business.

Despite the “Never Again” rhetoric, there are people today in the Central African
Republic, South Sudan, Uganda and Nigeria, to name a few countries, who are facing persecution and stigmatisation based on ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender and religion.

As traditional media struggle to remain relevant in a more competitive world,
the temptation to sensationalise, sometimes to the detriment of editorial
standards, is real.

Shrinking business as a result of dwindling sales, circulation dips in the print market, runaway costs of employment due to fierce competition for talent, government-­‐cum-­‐political and commercial pressure that dents editorial independence and tech adaptation – these are the harsh realities that owners, editors and journalists are grappling with.

AMLF 2014 will bring together industry experts, rights activists, journalists and, of course, media owners and leaders from across Africa to seek practical solutions to persistent problems that plague the sector. It will seek to address the questions of how to build a boardroom culture that is committed to editorial independence and good governance as a means of “Turning the Page on Hate Speech.”

The Forum will take place in Johannesburg from November 12-­‐14, with two days of plenary debates on issues affecting the media industry, and exhibitions, screenings, and an online campaign against Hate Speech, as well as the publication of resource materials and much more.”

#Turn the Page on Hate Speech
Online Campaign, Exhibition and Screening Room

We are determined that this should not just be a talk-­‐shop but an opportunity to catalyse real changes. In order to do that, we will launch the #Turn the Page on Hate Speech online campaign in August to galvanise support and thought around the issue of hate speech. Through online competitions, a petition, a data map and a resource platform for journalists, we hope to build real momentum around the theme.

A gallery on hate speech, taking a historical glance at the issue and culminating in new works selected from the online competition, AMLF will also provide places for reflection on the history of hate speech and the legacy we wish to bequeath to society.


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