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Training Workshops – From November 11 – 13th,  journalists and media owners are invited to take part in one of four workshops on:

  1. Business&Financial Reporting
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Covering the Maritime Economy
  4. Media Business Management

The African Media Market – Are you an African media association or organization working for the improvement of the sector? We can provide you with a space to exhibit your services FREE of CHARGE. Just  outlining your work and what you would like to share with the rest of the African media leaders in attendance.

AMI Open House – Did you ever wonder what AMI actually does beside the AMLF? Have you heard of our digital programmes and want to know more? Or could your media house benefit from one of our workshops on Ethical Leadership in Media? AMI will showcase its own programs and services.

Exhibition Spaces – These are fully integrated exhibition spaces right outside the plenary hall for manufacturers and media service providers who wish to offer new products to media owners. Book a space here.

Donor Recognition - This will be a special moment to recognize and express gratitude to all donors who support media in Africa.

Screenings and talks with film directors:

Network of Hate by Rokhaya Diallo - When Rokhaya Diallo, an avid user of social media, received a tweet inciting others’ to rape her for her liberal views, the battle against hate speech became personal. The journalist documents her journey for justice in this documentary that will be screened in the Birchwood Cinema, followed by a question and answer session with the filmmaker.

Also view a series of interviews and videos on hate speech in our 24 hours screening room.

Cartoon Gallery:

In partnership with Africa’s leading cartoonists, this years’ AMLF will explore issues of hate speech, racism and xenophobia through editorial cartoons.

Awards Ceremony – The AMLF is also a time for celebration and this year’s gala dinner will be unparalleled, as we award African journalists with a range of prestigious prizes, including the Wan-Ifra/AMI joint award for ‘Women in Leadership; and the Africa Check Award, in collaboration with the AFP Foundation.

Plenary Approach - All forum deliberations will be held in plenary sessions, each with a keynote speech to set the tone, a moderator to direct the conversation and ensure audience participation, and a maximum of four panelists, each experts in their field.

Online presence: AMI has launched a Pan-African Campaign against hate speech. The AMLF might just last 2.5 days, but the campaign will go on beyond the event. We, along with our partners, want to make a long-lasting impact on the African media landscape, and putting a stop to hate speech is one step in that direction. Join the campaign online and help us #TurnthePageonHateSpeech.


Download the Preliminary Report

What synergies can be found between media intervention strategies. The preliminary report was presented during the Consultative Forum on Media Strategies event on the 14th of November 2014.